The Infants is a nice sneakers adidas. It is a narrow adidas. It fits true to size. The material is almost a nylon see-through kind of material. In the pictures you can see the purple stripes on my socks, and around the toe area it looks like you can see my toe poking up. But overall I like how they make my feet look small and they are a nice bright white color, and I do not think anyone would see the see-through material unless they were up close and really looking at the adidas. I think I would buy them again, they were a good price and are pretty comfortable for a narrow foot, I would not consider them a sneakers adidas, I run and would not wear them for running, only for looks.

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March 5, 2014 earnings Adidas seemed relieved, and its sales revenue growth in all regions except North America, where the majority of the market and have achieved double-digit growth. But whether in the Greater China region and globally, there are still some problems to be solved for this company. This year is the Adidas "the road leading to 2015," the critical moment, from the brand strategy it is bound to be a move to attract consumers.

For 2014, adidas sneakers can be described as joy and sorrow are two different worlds.

The joy is the world's second largest sporting goods manufacturer and sustain the Group's full-year sales growth of 6% Data: 2014 product line because of its strengths - sport performance and sport fashion series, annual sales in Greater China grew 10% to 1.811 billion euros in the fourth quarter sales growth of 11%; while Group global sales growth of 6%, up from 2013's 14.203 billion euros in 2014 to 14.534 billion euros, an increase of 2%.

Sad that this looks good sales performance did not bring a good-looking earnings. Since the impact of the euro exchange rate, increased costs, and a. The sale of its music brand further losses, Adidas net loss widened. German sportswear maker said the three months ended December 2014, the net loss of 140 million euros, far higher than the losses 10 million euros over the same period of 2013. Nike beat before, after UnderArmour dogged, Adidas to compete successfully in the market, but also a great effort for adidas sneakers stan smith.